Battle of Britain Book
 #154/500 Royal Benevolent Fund

book is approx 9" by 6"
Dark Green Hardbound Cover 37 pages
signed on inside of front and back covers

This book contains 47 signatures of top Battle of Britain participants.
The amazing thing about this hardbound booklet is that all the signatures are in fountain pen.
The booklet was published in 1941 and this particular book is a signed and numbered edition.
My guess is late 40's or maybe even wartime! Probably at one of the first RBF events.


  1. Roger Hall              152 Sqn   P/O (Pilot Officer) R.M.D. Hall British
  2. James D. Culmer              Sgt J.D. Culmer  25 Sqn  British
  3. Micky Mount              602 Sqn  F/O (Flying Officer) C.J. Mount   British
  4. Geoffrey Page                P/O A.G. Page  56 Sqn  British
  5. Sticks" Gregory             Sgt W.J. Gregory  29 Sqn  British AI {Airborne Interception} Radar Operator in night fighting    Blenheims, often with J.R.D. "Bob" Braham as pilot. Believe nickname Sticks was because he played the drums.
  6. Fred Gash                 264 Sqn  British  Air Gunner  PO,FO,FL 6/5/45   Guy Gibson's navigator
  7. H. Szczesny                  P/O Henryk "Sneezy" Szczesny Polish "The Pole" 74 Sqn   (Ira Jones, in his book Tiger Squadron talks of  two Poles, "Sneezy" Szczesny and "Breezy" Brezezina. Sadly, Breezy did not survive the war.)
  8. R.V. Cook                 219 Sqn            Sgt  British
  9. Frank Usmar                     41 Sqn   Sgt F. Usmar  British
  10. Bobby Oxspring              F/Lt (Flight Lieutenant) R.W. Oxspring  66 Sqn "OXO"  British
  11. Kenneth Maltby Carver     229 sqn  British  pilot.
  12. Peter Townsend              S/Ldr (Squadron Leader) Peter Wooldridge Townsend 85 Sqn   British
  13. Gerald Arthur Holder          236sqn  PO, FO, FL British Observer.
  14. D. J. Anderson                 29 Sqn       P/O  British
  15. F/Lt J. Toombs               236 Sqn     J.R. Toombs British also 264 Sqn
  16. Brian Kingcome F/Lt C.B.F. Kingcome  92 Sqn   British
  17. H. Bird-Wilson              P/O H.A.C. Bird-Wilson  17 Sqn  British (Baled out burned on 24 Sept, checking if was also a Guinea Pig)(My 1973 Who's Who tells me he ended up as Air Vice Marshal Harold Arthur Cooper Bird-Wilson CBE, DSO, DFC & bar, AFC & Bar)
  18. Christopher Foxley-Norris F/O 3 Sqn  British (Who's Who '73: Air Chief Marshal Sir Christopher, KCB, DSO, OBE)
  19. John G.C. Barnes     600 Sqn F/O J.G.C. Barnes  British
  20. R. McGugan         141 Sqn  Sgt R. McGugan  British
  21. Allan Duncan 'Ginger' Murray         Pilot  British  46, 501, and 73Sqn
  22. J. Lauder - 264 Sqn  Sgt A.J. Lauder  British (264 were the madmen who flew Defiants against Messerschmidts!)
  23. Peter...?
  24. Douglas Hamilton Grice      F/O 32 SQN Pilot British. DFC
  25. Paddy Barthropp             F/O P.P.C. Barthropp  602 Sqn  British
  26. John Cunningham             F/Lt J. Cunningham 604 (Night Fighter) Sqn  British "Cat's Eyes" Cunningham. Who's Who '73: Group Captain CBE, DSO, DFC)
  27. V.R. Snell          P/O V.R. Snell  501 & 151 Sqns  British
  28. Willy Sizer         P/O W.M. Sizer  213 Sqn  British
  29. Desmond Sheen               F/O D.F.B. Sheen  72 Sqn  Australian
  30. Dennis David                P/O W.D. David  87 & 213 Sqns  British
  31. J.G. Millard                P/O J.G.P. Millard  1 Sqn  British
  32. Pete Matthews               P/O P.G.H. Matthews  1 Sqn  British
  33. L. Harvey                   Sgt. L.W. Harvey  54 Sqn  British
  34. Tony Fletcher             F/Lt A. (for Anthony?) W. Fletcher 235 Sqn  Canadian
  35. Len Bowman            Sgt L.D. Bowman  141 Sqn  British
  36. R.L. Stillwell              Sgt  65 Sqn  British
  37. S. Kleczkowski         (Polish scrawl ending in ..kowski) 302 Sqn  P/O S. Kleczkowski Polish
  38. Jack Ditzell        25 Sqn Sgt J.W. Ditzell  British
  39. Hugh Kennard     P/O H.C. Kennard  66 Sqn  British
  40. Eric Poole          Sgt E.R.L. Poole  604 Sqn  British
  41. Owen V. Burns               Sgt O.V. Burns  235 Sqn  British
  42. Frederick Rosier            S/Ldr Frederick Ernest Rosier  229 Sqn  British (Who's Who '73: Air Chief Marshal Sir Frederick, GCB, CBE, DSO)
  43. Basil H. Quelch         235Sqn    Sgt  British
  44. Jimmy Corbin                Sgt W.J. Corbin  610 & 66 Sqns  British
  45. Richard Papienski ?
  46. John Bingley
  47. Michael J Croix ?
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