American Fighter Aces Album
Signed by 90+ Aces

Edited by William N. Hess. Produced by Kenneth Davidson. Foreword by Barry Goldwater. Copyright The American Fighter Aces Association, 1978. Signed by 90+ aces including WWI aces Raymond Brooks, George Vaughn and Douglas Campbell, WWII aces Robin Olds, Don Blakeslee, John Mitchell, Marion Carl, Joe Foss, Korean Ace Ralph Parr and Vietnam ace Steve Ritchie. Signatures obtained at the 1986 Aces Convention. Vignettes of fighting aces of World War I, World War II, Korea, Vietnam. White leatherette binding, 256pp, black and white photographs throughout.

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Signed by 90+ Aces
There are approx 106 signatures in this book. Approx 16 are aces who have signed twice so there are about 90 unique aces/pilots signatures.
There are approx 37 signatures in the book most next to there biographies and another 5 signatures in the back of the book next to the aces name in the index.
The other approx 65 signatures are neatly signed in the first three pages of the book and a few at the back of the book next to their names in the index roster. It is a fantastic signed book never to be found again! This book was signed in the 1970's and early 1980's.

Signatures on the  first three pages

  1. Harold Fisher
  2. Robert Baldwin
  3. Roger Conant
  4. Bill Hardy
  5. Edwin Heller
  6. Joe Roseburg (Flying Tiger)
  7. R.E.Gahler
  8. Ralph Parr
  9. Bud Mahurin
  10. Francis Gabreski
  11. Dick Rossi
  12. Charlie Bond
  13. Robert Elder
  14. RT Smith
  15. Chuck Older
  16. Ken Jernsedt
  17. Ed Rector
  18. Tex Hill
  19. Alex Vracui
  20. Bud Day
  21. William Farrell
  22. Bernard F Fischer MOH USAF Vietnam
  23. John L Jones
  24. Jerry Johnson
  25. Bruce Porter
  26. Bob DeHaven
  27. Marion Carl
  28. John “Jack” Bradley
  29. Harley Vaugh Col USAF
  30. Kit Carson
  31. Frank Hurlburt
  32. Joe Foss
  33. Dan Brennan
  34. Don Cummings
  35. Raymond Brook
  36. Douglas Campbell
  37. George Vaugh
  38. J. Dixie Sloan
  39. Robin Olds
  40. Don Blakslee
  41. Ken Walsh
  42. Bob Barkey
  43. Rex Barber John Mitchell
  44. Dick Willsie
  45. Clyde East
  46. Mark Franger (I think)
  47. Richard Becker
  48. Bill Esdrus ? Torpedo Sqn Three USS Yorktown
  49. Herschel Green
  50. Herbert Bud Ross
  51. Steve Ritchie
  52. Dizie Laird
  53. Jim Sapp
  54. Art Jeffrey
  55. Ralph Rosen
  56. Paul Bechtel
  57. Buck Bailey VF28
  58. Steve Gerick 56th FG WWII
  59. Jim Johnson
  60. Rodie Rodewald (Flying Tiger)
  61. Bob Wehrmann 4th FG WWII Eagle Sqdrn
  62. Joseph D McGraw
  63. Selva McGinty
  64. Robert H. Davis VF18
Aces who signed in the book next to their profile
  1. WY Anderson
  2. Paul Bechtel
  3. Jack Bradley
  4. Gerald Brown
  5. Douglas Campbell
  6. Marion Carl
  7. Roger Conant
  8. Bob DeHaven
  9. Clyde East
  10. Harold Fischer
  11. Doc Foster
  12. Joe Foss
  13. John Galvin
  14. Jim Goodson
  15. James Griffis
  16. Tex Hill
  17. Arthur Jeffrey
  18. Jerry Johnson
  19. Wally Jordon
  20. Frank Kibble
  21. John Lowell
  22. Bud MaHurin
  23. David McCampbell
  24. Scott McKusky
  25. John Mitchell
  26. Robin Olds
  27. Ralph Parr
  28. Bruce Porter
  29. John Purdy
  30. Hunter Reinsburg
  31. Ralph Rosen
  32. Dick Rossi
  33. John Sublett
  34. George Vaughn
  35. Harley Vaughn
  36. Ralph Watson
  37. Bill Wescott
In Back of book next to their names in index
  1. Bob Baldwin
  2. Robert Yeager
  3. Steve Gerich
  4. Thomas Maloney
  5. William Dixie Sloan