Height and Sun
Robert Taylor

''If you had the height, you controlled the battle. If you came out of the sun, the enemy could not see you. If you held your fire until you were very close, you seldom missed''. These three basic rules contibuted to the prowess in aerial combat of some of the most successful fighter pilots in history and seldom were they more valuable than when outnumbered. In Robert Taylor’s outstanding new painting, Hurricanes of 32 Sqn climb high into the morning sky, gaining Height and Sun in an attempt to take the advantage over the onslaught of enemy fighters - August, 1940. Featuring a typical ‘Robert Taylor skyscape’ this new image captures the surreal calmness above the clouds, belying the fury of action and ultimate sacrifices made in those crisp blue skies.

Overall print size: 27 1/2 x 17 - Matted size: 31 1/2 x 19 1/2.
 300 signed and numbered prints

Every print in the Limited Edition has been personally signed by the artist Robert Taylor
together with THREE Battle of Britain Fighter Pilots.

Group Captain BILLY DRAKE  - Hurricanes / 213 Sqd
Flight Lieutenant RICHARD JONES - Spitfires / 64 Sqd
Squadron Leader GEOFFREY WELLUM - Spitfires / 92 Sqd

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