Die Ritterkreuztrager Der Luftwaffe 1939-1945 Book
1966 1st Edition with English & German text
by Ernst Obermaier
1966 1st English edition
12" by 9" - 255 pages
Rare and very hard to find!
Signed by Gerhard Barkhorn, Erich Hartmann and 8 other top Luftwaffe Aces
 Book is signed by:
Erich Hartmann
Gerhard Barkhorn
Adolf Galland
Gunther Rall - Rall also dates it 3, Sept 1967
Dietrich Hrabek
Walter Krupinski
Hans-Joachim Jabs
Wolfgang Falck - Falck also dates it 2.9.67 (day, month, year
Heinz Lange
Friedrich Oblesor
All signatures are next to the Aces photo/bio
see below

Barkhorn was killed in a car accident in 1983
His signature is very rare especially in books.

Hartmann signatures are very rare in books.
 He never signed books commercially and like Barkhorn only signed books
that were put in front of him.

I have one other signed 1966 1st edition in English. All signatures are in pencil next to their bio's.
7 signature edition. Good condition with tattered dust jacket. $695

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