Otto Kittel
3.5" by 5" signed card  and 3" by 5" signed card

  $995   SOLD                                                     $1295 SOLD
          3.5" by 5" signed card                                          3" by 5" signed card

Otto Kittel - Most successful pilot of JG54 with at least 267 victories. He was killed in action on 2/14/1945 while dogfighting two Russian I1-2's. He was awared the Knight Cross, Oakleaves and Swords award. The above cards with photo attached carries the original signature of Otto Kittel. These photos came out of the most famous autograph collection in Germany.

Below is an original Otto Kittel signed document.
I have added this so you can compare the signatures to the above signed card.
This document below is an example only and is not available for sale

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