RARE Commemorative Envelope Set

Hans Rossbach (famous German Aero-Philatelist) rare collection of 80 Luftwaffe commemorative covers. This complete set is from the mid 1970's and is one of an edition of only 100 sets. There are over 275 famous German aero-military autographs to the set.  Most of the 100 sets have been split up and my educated guess is that there are fewer than 10 complete sets with all 80 covers left in the world.
$6500 - SOLD

A unique signature project on RAF Museum covers bear the signatures of 275 famous civilian as well as military German airmen who were highly decorated for their bravery in both World wars. The complete collection consists of 80 covers. Each cover bears two to six different signatures on the face. There is a limited issue of 100 of such collections only, all carfully numbered. Special cachets on the reverse of the covers give you the most important details about career and successes of the signatories. To bring the collection more to life there are 540 photos of the signors included, most of which have never been published before. See list below to see who signed each individual cover.

This is envelope #5 of the set

signed by Hartmann, Rall, Barkhorn, Graf, and Batz

Here is an itemized list of who signed the 80 commemorative envelope Luftwaffe set.

This 80 envelope set contains 540 photos (photos are inserted in the envelopes)
and comes with professional photo album case

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