Lt. Axel E. Sahlin Jr
Serial # 02008485
US Army - 78th Infantry Division  - Company K
310th Infantry Regiment - 3d Battalion - 1st Platoon leader
Killed by a sniper on April 9, 1945 in Stieg, Germany
The most complete ORIGINAL documentaion of a KIA purple heart hero imaginable
Alex Sahlin Jr received his field commission to Lieutenant 5 days before his death
His father, Axel E. Sahlin Sr, was a well known typographer who worked for
Elbert Hubbard (who died aboard the Lusitania) and the Roycrofters
Sahlin Sr literally saved everything concerning his sons military career and death
The group includes three huge professional grade binders full of miscellaneous items
including two George S. Patton signed letters, one General Patton signed photo,
one General Eisenhower signed letter, Sahlins engraved medals with award documents,
hundreds of photos and letters from his fellow soldiers and commanders describing the details of his death
An incredible 23 page biography of Axel Sahlin Jr put together by his father Axel Sahlin Sr
The 310th was a very famous Regiment instrumental in many of the important battles at the end of the War in Europe
Rollesbroich, Simmerath, Kesternich, Konzen, Schmidt, Remagen and Wuppertal etc.
 The 3d Battalion was awarded the Presidential Unit Citation for ROER-RHINE RIVERS campaign

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the 20 page Presidential Unit Citation for the 3d Battalion
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  1. Signed letter from General George S. Patton Jr to parents expressing his regret over the death of their son. Amazing content. In the letter Patton also writes Sahlin Sr that he appreciates him publishing his order to the troops in 1943. This was part of the 1943 Christmas Booklet Sahlin Sr produced. Patton also included a signed 4" by 5" photo of himself in uniform. Also included are some original newspaper articles and newspaper photos on Patton
  2. Signed letter from General George S. Patton Jr to Sahlin Sr dated 23 November 1945 thanking Sahlin in advance for sending the 16 page memorial booklet dedicated to his son called "The History Making 78th". This booklet is a short history of the 78th during the ETO campaign and is included in the group. A fantastic item!
  3. Signed letter from Dwight Eisenhower dated 2 January 1946 thanking Sahlin Sr for sending him the Christmas booklet dedicated to Sahlin Jr. Original 7 page Christmas booklet included in the group.
  4. Engraved Posthumous Awarded Purple Heart
  5. Secretary of War letter confirming that a Purple Heart will be awarded posthumously
  6. Purple Heart Award Document
  7. Bronze Star
  8. Letter of Posthumous award of the Bronze Star (3 originals all signed by Capt Hennessey 310th)
  9. Good Conduct Medal
  10. Award Document signed by Maj. Gen. E.P.Parker Jr. awarding Lt. Sahlin the Good Conduct medal
  11. Two WWII sterling silver rifle medals. The first one is a US Army Marksmanship Qualification Badge, the 2nd one ( the long blue one) is the Combat Infantryman's Badge, highly prized by it's recipient's, the mark of a veteran. The badge was generally awarded only to enlisted men, officer's rarely have one unless they were "mustangs" who came up throught the ranks. Generals were jealous of this badge because they could'nt recieve one. It is roughly on par with a Bronze Star with a Combat "V".
  12. Conspicuous Service Medal from the State of New York, medal stamped #6555
  13. Award document for the N.Y.S. Conspicuous Service Medal
  14. WWII Victory Medal
  15. Honorable Discharge for Sahlin signed by Lt Col Thomas H. Hayes. Hayes was the Commander of 310th Infantry Regiment
  16. Enlistment Record for Sahlin including his Thumb print signed by Capt E.R Ihnat and Axel Sahlin Jr
  17. Notice of $10,000 Insurance Settelment dated Sept 7, 1945
  18. Original copies of Recommendation for the Presidential Unit Citation for the 3d Battallion - 310th Infantry Regiment. There are 20 pages dating from April 25, 1945 - July 3, 1045. The first 15 pages are from April 25, 1945 when the recommendation was first written up for presentation to the powers that be. It details day by day the movements and achievments of the 310th. Just a fantastic historic read
  19. 23 page biography of Axel Sahlin Jr typed by his father Axel Sr - just amazing content! Also taped to this biography are three Belgian coins found in Axel's pocket.
  20. Condolence card from General Marshall
  21. Presidental proclamation on the death of Lt. Axel E. Sahlin Jr
  22. A photo of Axel E. Sahlin Jr. receiving his battlefield promotion on April 5, 1945, 4 days before he was killed. Maj. Gen, Edward P. Parker, commander of the 78th "Lighting Division" did the honors. Reverse of the original photo sent home to Axel's parents of Axel and Gen Parker approved for publication and dated 11 APR 1945. Also included is a letter from Maj General Parker dated March 16, 1946 explaining where the photo was taken
  23. War Department letter dated April 28, 1945 confirming the telegram informing the death of Lt. Sahlin. The letter is signed by J.A Ulio Major General - The Adjutant General. Ulio is mentioned in Ihnat's letter below
  24. Letter dated July 9, 1945 from E.R Ihnat, Captain, Infantry, describing the circumstances of Lt. Sahiln's death..."was killed, by a gun shot wound in the head, in the vicinity of Rosebach Germany." Capt Ihnat also adds what an important role Sahlin's 3d Battalion played in securing the Remagen Bridgehead
  25. Letter dated June 6, 1945 written by Tech/Sgt Francis M Reardon who was one of Axel's bestfriends in 3d Battalion and is mentioned in Capt Ihnat's letter. Letter was also signed by Pfc Mumfred V Liberatore who was another buddy and the Platoon Messinger. Pfc Liberatore and Sgt Reardon are mentioned in Capt Owens letter below
  26. Capt E. Sherman Owens 4 page letter dated June 11, 1945 written to Axel's parents. Capt Owens was Commander of Company K and wrote to Sahlins parents as  requested by Capt Ihnat. Incredible content detailing Axel's time in 3d Battalion. See where Owens, Reardon and Liberatore are mentioned in Sahlins biography
  27. Two page letter from Lt Col Walter H. Pierce who was the commanding officer of 3d Battalion at the time of Axel's death
  28. Letter dated June 2, 1945 from Lt Col Harry Lutz who writes on behalf of the men of the 3d Battalion. Lutz I believe commanded 3d Battalion before Pierce. Another three pg handwritten letter from Lt.Col Lutz describing their combat experiences together as well as details of Axel's death. Again fantastic content! There is also a photo and newspaper article about Lutz
  29. Letter from Orvil Clarkson, Chaplin 1st Lt., decribing the the circimstances of Lt. Sahlin's death
  30. Letter from Col Hayes Commander of the 310th Infantry Regiment informing Sahlins parents that the Athletic and Parade field of the 3d Battalion, 310th Infantry is now called Sahlin Field. There are several letters and photos from various 310th officers written to Sahlin Sr concerning the dedication of Sahlin Field which is located in Martinhagen, Germany
  31. 4 Page handwritten letter with postmarked envelope Axel Sahlin wrote to his parents 5 days before he was killed. Content is amazing and really tears at your heart strings. Also included is a letter on Red Cross letterhead from Axel to his parents as well as a postcard he sent while in basic training in Columbia, South Carolina Nov 21, 1943
  32. Two letters fron Dan Tracey who was Axel's best friend. Letters dated May 17 and 20, 1945. In the letter Dan describes his relationship with Axel as well as adds details of what happened to Axel
  33. Letter dated June 1, 1945 from another member of Axel's platoon who called Axel his best buddie. Axel's buddie Tommie talks about Axel as well as his own injuries he sustained and his two month hospital visit.
  34. Letter from Lt John W. Baskett who was Platoon leader of  the1st Platoon. When he was wounded Axel was promoted and relieved Baskett. Lt Baskett talks about their many narrow escapes!
  35. Letter from the War Department explaining to Sahlins parents that Lt. Axel Sahlin Jr is buried in the US Military cemetary Margraten, Holland - plot XX, row 10, grave 238. Original map of cemetary well as photos of his grave taken by Major C.A "Kay" Golinga who visited the grave in May of 1946
  36. 8 original b/w 3" by 4" photos taken by Maj "Kay" Golinga of the town and exact house where Axel Sahlin was killed. He was standing in a kitchen of a house when a sniper shot him in the head. A photo of that house and window is part of the group. Golinga also drew a 9" by 6" map of the area showing the location of the house relative to the lay of the land. In 1946 Maj. Kay Golinga traveled to Sahlins Grave in Margarten Holland, took some pictures of the grave, and then returned to Germany where he took the pictures of where Axel was killed
  37. Letter dated June 14, 1946 detailing the events of Axel's death by one of the men in his battalion A.O. Hitt Jr. He also includes a 8" by 10" hand drawn map of the area where Axel was killed
  38. 14 Letters from enlisted men and officers Lt Sahlin served with expressing their condolances to the Sahlin family. The content of these letters is for the most part breath taking. A few are shown above.
  39. 35 letters of condolance from friends and family of the Sahlins. A local Buffalo, NY Lawyer friend of the Sahlins writes a beautiful letter to the family. Many of the letters are gut wrenching and it is amazing how the town came out to support the Sahlin family during that tragic time
  40. A letter writtem by Axel's childhood friend "Mose" titled "In Memory Of My Pal Ax"
  41. Beautiful Catholic Mass Card for Axel from St Norbert Abbey, Depere, Wisconsin
  42. Photo Album with 120 photos of Axel Jr from his days as a boy, as an enlisted man, to photos of his grave in Holland. There is even a photo of Axel and his father at Letchworth St Park in upstate NY. This is not important to most but somewhere around here I pretty much have that same exact picture of my son John Jr and myself sitting at the same place July of 2001!
  43. Photo of the flag draped coffin of Lt. Axel Sahlin when Sahlins body was returned from Margraten, Holland and reburied in NY in the early 1960's. He was reburied in Elmlawn Cemetary, Tonowanda, NY. The original American Flag used to drape the coffin is included in this group. Also a 4 page brochure from the 1947 Memorial Day Service held at Elmlawn Cemetery
  44. Newspaper articles, clippings from the original "Lightning Bug" 78th Infantry magazine dated April 6, 1946, Original "Lightning Bug" newspaper dated 12, August 1944, all kinds of other newspaper articles pertaining to Axel and the 78th Infantry. Examples of some of Axel's fathers typography including a design he submitted for a new crest for the 310 Infantry Regiment
  45. Other miscelaenous paper items
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