American Aces Album
1978 1st edition - Another book that belonged to the famous signature collector John Shaw. This book was a labor of love for him. He traveled all over the country aquiring the 81 aces signatures in this book. Many of the top aces signed this book such as Ken Walsh (21 vics), John Thornell (17 vics), James Swett (15 vics) etc.

The signatures in the book are as follows
On this list all the signatures with a RED X in front of them on the list are signed on the first two pages of the book.
Allen - Thornell. Duffy, Graham and Miller also signed in the front of the book

Anderson - Wandrey are signed next to their biographies in the book (see Mahurin below) They are all like that.
The numbers in front of their names is the page number where they are found in the book.

The handwritten list below, in John Shaw's own hand, is a single sheet of paper filled in front and back
of the Aces who John met and then had them sign the book for him

Photo of Book
See slight binding cracking

The first few pages of the book contain signatures. This is page 1

Example of one of the biography pages
This one is signed by Bud Mahurin

All the pages in this book are in excellent condition.
The Book Cover is in Very Good condition.
The spine of the book has some cracking and could easily be repaired

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