General Wainwright's Story Signed Book


Signed on front page of book
RARE signed 1946 1st edition with dustjacket 314pgs

JONATHAN MAYHEW WAINWRIGHT (1883-1953) One of the greatest heroes of the Second World War,
          he was born in Walla Walla, Wash., and educated at West Point. During World War I, he served in France and
          took part in the offensive at Saint-Mihiel. In 1940, he was sent to the Philippines as a Major General. In March
          1942, during World War II, Wainwright assumed the Philippine command when Gen. Douglas MacArthur was
          ordered by FDR to leave Corregidor and avoid capture by the Japanese. After defending Bataan Peninsula against a
          Japanese invasion army, Wainwright withdrew with a small force to Corregidor Island in Manila Bay, where he
         made a final stand before being compelled to surrender on May 6, 1942. He nearly died of sickness
and starvation as a prisoner of war. In 1945, he was moved to Manchuria and
          rescued by allied forces. General McArthur made sure he participated prominently in the signing of the surrender
            on the USS Missouri in Tokyo Bay. Wainwright was elevated to the 4-Star rank by President Truman and
         awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor. He took command of the Fourth Army in 1946 and retired from the
            Army in 1947.

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