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Fred Christensen Original Photo/Memorabilia Collection

56th Fighter Group - 62nd Fighter Squadron
WWII ACE with 21.5 Aerial Victories
These were the personal items that Christensen collected during the war
There are Signed Ace photos in this collection that nobody has along with Nose Art that has rarely ever been seen!
Original Period Photo Collection


Ensign Edward Joseph Philippe

His original Fighter-Six Squadron Log Book
Philippe might be the first person ever killed in combat flying the F6F Hellcat.
He flew with the famous Navy Fighter Squadron-Six (VF-6) which was commanded by Butch O'Hare

E.J. Philippe went MIA on October 5, 1943 during the Wake Island raids of Oct 5-6, 1943
We just received this log book and more information and details will be added as I research the item.
The Log Book contains page after page of Butch O'Hare signatures and initials!
Full webpage on the Philippe Log Book here

Lt John W. B. Gage
KIA February 16, 1945 over Tokyo Bay
VF81 Hellcat Pilot stationed on the USS WASP
Shot down one Japanese plane before being shot down himself
Extremely RARE Engraved Posthumous Awarded Navy Medal Group
See The Group Here

Lt Karl-Heinz Greve
click here for larger scan of above
Knights Cross and above medals/cloth
Soldbuch, Reichspass, Pilots License, Logbook
Honor Goblet 835 Silver, Fantastic Photoalbum, Maps and much more
Lots of documents, newspaper articles and paperwork dating from the 1930' to 1981
when he retired as a 3 Star General from NATO/West German Airforce
Group even includes the Legion of Merit he was awarded with official document!
This group was acquired directly from the Knights Cross Winners Son
See The Group Here

KIA Purple Heart Group

Lt. Axel E. Sahlin Jr
Serial # 02008485
78th Infantry Division  - Company K
310th Infantry Regiment - 3d Battalion - US Army
Killed by a sniper on April 9, 1945 in Stieg Germany
The most complete ORIGINAL documentaion of a KIA purple heart hero imaginable
Alex Sahlin received his field commission to Lieutenant 5 days before his death
His father, Axel E. Sahlin Sr, was a well known typographer who worked for
Elbert Hubbard(who died aboard the Lusitania) and the Roycrofters
Sahlin Sr literally saved everything concerning his sons military career and death
The group includes three huge professional grade binders full of miscellaneous items
including two George S. Patton signed letters, one General Patton signed photo,
one General Eisenhower signed letter, Sahlins engraved medals with award documents and
hundreds of photos and letters from his fellow soldiers and commanders describing the details of his death
The 310th was a very famous Regiment instrumental in many of the important battles at the end of the War in Europe
Rollesbroich, Simmerath, Kesternich, Konzen, Schmidt, Remagen and Wuppertal etc.
See The Complete Group Here

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