Lt Cdr Cecil E. Harris

Second highest scoring Navy ace in the Pacific Theater with 24 victories
Filled out and signed questionaire in Cecil Harris's own hand
Extremely rare signature.

 This questionaire was the prelude to Raymond Tolivers book 'Fighter Aces of the USA'
See a large scan of the questionaire here
 In the mid 1950's through the 1970's Toliver sent hundreds of questionaires to living aces to get a
brief history from the Ace's themselves. When Toliver had the information returned from the Ace's he then wrote the
book and had it published in 1979. Cecil Harris's verbatum account that you see in the questionaire
can be seen on page 232 of Fighter Aces Of The USA!
Cecil Harris died Dec 2, 1981.

This questionaire was signed pre 1963. Note there is no zip code on Ray Tolivers return address.
 The following comes from the Post Office web site
"Over the years, a number of potential coding programs had been examined and discarded. Finally, in 1963, the Department selected a system advanced by department officials, and, on April 30, 1963, Postmaster General John A. Gronouski announced that the ZIP Code would begin on July 1, 1963"

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