American Memorabilia

Fred Christensen Original Photo/Memorabilia Collection
56th Fighter Group - 62nd Fighter Squadron
WWII ACE with 21.5 Aerial Victories
These were the personal items that Christensen collected during the war
There are Signed Ace photos in this collection that nobody has along with Nose Art that has rarely ever been seen!

Signed Photos
  1. Logbook - US Navy Fighter Squadron-Six (VF-6) logbook of a KIA Aviator - with multiple signatures of Butch O'Hare - $5995 SOLD
  2. Admiral Marc A Mitscher - RARE signed document. Citation for the Gold Star to a Lieutenant (JG) in the USNR - $995
  3. Lewis B. "Chesty" Puller - Signed 8" by 10" vintage photo. Very rare Puller signed photo with provenance! Most decorated Marine in US history. $1995 SOLD
  4. Butch O'Hare - Navy pilot Butch O'Hare was one of America's first heroes of WWII. He won the MOH for shooting down 5 planes in one day on 2/20/1942. $1995 SOLD
  5. George Gay - 8x10 b/w old glossy signed photo of Midway Fighter Pilot George Gay. Gay flew in the doomed Torpedo Squadron 8 off the USS Hornet during the Battle of Midway. Shot down during the battle, he became the sole survivor of the squadron. $195 SOLD
  6. Eddie Rickenbacker - Top scoring WWI ace and american hero. Fountain Pen signed photo dated 1947! $295 SOLD
  7. General James H. Doolittle - 8" by 10" b/w photo of General Doolittle as a 3 Star General. Wartime era photo. Photo on old heavy photo paper. Hard to find WWII era photos of Doolittle. Signed with sentiment. $395 SOLD
  8. Richard E. Byrd  - Rear Admiral USN, Antartic Explorer - Vintage sepia matte-finish 8 x 10 photo of Byrd in fur coat and holding an American flag, signed 'R.E. Byrd' and inscribed in fountain pen to 'C.C. Sehifheler with best wishes R.E. Byrd April 20, 1932'  $550
  9. Chester Nimitz - Admiral who commanded naval operations in the Pacific after the US entered WWII in 1941. Vintage matte-finish 8 x 10 photo, signed and inscribed in fountain pen 'To Jimmie Woviotis, Best wishes, C. W. Nimitz, Fleet Admiral, USN. $695 SOLD
  10. Gen Johnathan M Wainwright - signed 8"by10' sepia photo dated 1951 on reverse. Signed on front with sentiment. Wainwright was an American hereo during WWII.  He defended the Phillipines and was awarded the MOH by President Truman. $550 SOLD
  11. Claire Chennault - b/w 8" by 10"  photo with autograhed 4" by 6" paper/card of the most famous Flying Tiger of them all - Claire Chennault. This is a vintage 1940' - 50's era photo. Great signature. $675 SOLD
  12. Colin Powell - 8" by 10" color photo of Powell as a 4 Star General - $85
  13. Paul Tibbets - 8" by 10" b/w signed photo of famous commander of the 'Enola Gay'. Photo shows Tibbets in full dress uniform standing near the nose of this famous plane. $150 SOLD
  14. Joe Jackson - signed color photo, MOH winner Vietnam - $25
  15. William Lawley - signed color photo, MOH winner / B17's - $25
  16. Ira Eaker - 7" by 9" b/w older photo,General in WWII  - Commander of 8th AF - $295 SOLD
  17. Capt Eddie Rickenbacker - Americas highest scoring Ace, 8" by 10" vintage era b/w old glossy photo with Rickenbacker in front of his Spad in 1918. Rickenbacker inscribed the photo "To Florine Zest Capt Eddie Rickenbacker 1918/1963". Terrific 1963 signed photo of Rickenbacker in WWI uniform $595 SOLD
  18. Richard Bong - Framed photo with mounted clipped signature from an original document $1995 SOLD
  19. Capt Eddie Rickenbacker - Americas highest scoring Ace, 8" by 10" vintage era very old sepia glossy portrait photo of Capt Rickenbacker in WWI uniform. Inscribed in fountain pen 'To My Dear Friend, Ron Van Hart, Capt Eddie Rickenbacker'. This looks to be a late 20's-30's era photo and fountain pen signature indicates the same. Would be nearly impossible to upgrade to a better Rickenbacker signed photo. $795 SOLD
  20. General Douglas MacArthur - 1941 signed note with original envelope and patch that he sent - $595 SOLD
  21. Lewis B. "Chesty" Puller - Signed 8" by 10" vintage photo. This is an official Marine Corps issued portrait. Very rare Puller signed photo! Most decorated Marine in US history. $1995 SOLD

Signed Documents, Letters and other Memorabilia
  1. Don Gentile - signed note dated 7/13/1944 with 8" by 10" b/w older photo - $1795
  2. Lymann Middleditch Jr. - 5 victory ace, 57 FG, ETO nice display of an ace who died in 1989 - $150
  3. Wayne Morris - 7 victory ace with VF15. Morris was a pretty famous movie actor in the 1930's through the 1950's. Died of a heart attack Sept 14, 1959. 3" by 5" signed index card mounted to a well done bio/display on Morris $295 SOLD
  4. Joe L. Mason - Wartime Signed (October 1943) 'Restricted' Document.  Signed by Joe L. Mason who was a 5 Victory WWII Ace and a LtCol at the time in the 352FG when this document was signed. Mason died on June 16, 1974. Letter of Recommendation Document for J.C. Meyer for LtCol. J. C Meyer was a 26 victory WWII Ace - rare - $695 SOLD
  5. Francis 'Gabby' Gabreski - Envelope postmarked Oct 7,1945 sent to Boy Scout Ben Kohn. Included are two signed index cards as well as an original small news paper article of the era. $500
  6. General Carl Spaatz - Commander of 8th Air Force and the US Army Air Forces in Europe during WWII. Signed Honorable Discharge US Army document dated January 4, 1923 - $395
  7. 100 US Ace Card Collection - 100 signed 3" by 5" cards signed by US Aces. Impressive collection $695 SOLD
  8. George F. Ceuleers - 3" by 5" signed card. Ceuleers had 10.5 victories with the 364thFG. Also hard to find sig $95
  9. Jay T. Robbins - 3" by 5" signed card. Robbins had 22 victories flying P38's $50 SOLD
  10. Chuck Yeager - 3" * 5" blank white card signed boldly with large Chuck Yeager autograph. You will not see a better Yeager autograph. Would look great matted with a Yeager photo or book. $75
  11. John F. Bolt - 3" by 5" card signed by John F. Bolt. He was an American ace of two wars. He flew with Pappy Boyington in the Black Sheep squadron VMF-214 and later flew F86F's in Korea. He is credited with 12 victories. 6 in WWII - 6 in Korea. $15
  12. Thomas Lanphier Jr - 3" by 5" card signed on front and Lanphier adds content on reverse Rare $295 SOLD
  13. Robert "Bob" Baseler - receipt for a certified mail package. Baseler is very difficult sig to find. $100 SOLD
  14. Cecil Harris - Second highest scoring Navy ace in the Pacific Theater with 24 victories. Filled out and signed questionaire in Cecil Harris's own hand. Extremely rare signature. $1095 SOLD

Sold Items
  1. Lafayette Flying Corps Group - In 1983 the 'Last Reunion' for the Lafayette Flying Corps took place in Colorado Springs. Special Medals and Booklets were produced for the event. At the time of the reunion there were only 8 survivors and of that 4 (2 aces) have signed under their picture where it appears in the booklet. WWI signatures are getting impossible to find and to get a grouping like this of one of Americas most famous flying corps is amazing. Group consists of a large boxed commemorative medal and signed booklet. $395 SOLD
  2. USS Seahorse SS-304 WWII Submarine Logbook - 'Record of Submerged Runs' for the USS Seahorse SS-304. The original Sub's logbook for its Famous Second War Patrol October 12, 1943 - January 6 1943 $3500 SOLD
  3. Richard I. Bong - signed bank check. Top American ace of all time with 40 victories in WWII. Tragically killed on August 6, 1945 in a P80. Bank check for $1.00 written to Maj Richard Bong. Endorsed by Bong $1995 SOLD
  4. General Jonathan M. Wainwright - 2 page document signed by Wainwright. It is a Mobilization Assignment order for a 2nd Lt. James Curtis dated July 27, 1935. Wainwright was a Colonel at the time he signed the order. $395 SOLD
  5. John J. Pershing - WWI General. Vintage matte-finish 11 x 14 photo of Pershing in his dress uniform with four stars, signed and inscribed in fountain pen 'For John N. Wheeler, with very best wishes from his friend, John J. Pershing, 1931.' Comes framed to an overall size of 12.5 x 15.5 $460 SOLD
  6. Chesty Puller - Signed 11" by 14" vintage photo. Photo was signed between September 1953 and November 1955. when Puller was a 2 Star Major General. $1995 SOLD
  7. Butch O'Hare - The most elusive autograph of all Medal of Honor winners. Signed document on USS Saratoga letterhead approving WWII ace W.E. Eder to Lieutenant (jg) for temporary service in the USNR $2750 SOLD
  8. Royal Baker signed envelope - An envelope postmarked Feb 5, 1953 which he used to send a letter home. He was a busy boy during that time shooting down three Mig-15's in January alone! Another extremely RARE autograph. $695 SOLD
  9. Maj. Manuel J. Fernandez signed 3" by 5" card. Korean War Ace with 14.5 victories. Killed in a flying accident 1980. Extremely rare autograph $595 SOLD
  10. John L. Smith - Wartime 1943 signed 'return receipt' for Registered Insured Mail. Smith signs John L. Smith Major USMC. Smith died in 1972 and his signature, even post war is extremely rare - $750 SOLD
  11. Yamamoto Mission - 8" by 10" photo signed by 9 pilots and crew who participated in the raid including John Mitchell and Rex Barber - $395 SOLD
  12. Greg 'Pappy' Boyington - Signed 1958 edition of Baa Baa Black Sheep along with an old 1959 vintage 8" by 10" b/w photo also signed by Boyington. Both items signed to the same individual. One of the best Boyington items I have ever seen! $1195 SOLD
  13. Richard I. Bong - Envelope postmarked May 28, 1945. Signed by Bong as Major Air Corps. Top American ace of all time with 40 victories in WWII. Tragically killed in 1945 in P80. Super piece! $1995 SOLD
  14. John D. Landers - 3" by 5" signed card. Landers had 14.5 victories and is a very hard autograph to find. He piloted the famous P51 “Big Beautiful Doll" $250 SOLD
  15. Ira "Ike" Kepford - 3" by 5" signed card. Kepford had 17 victories in the Pacific. $350 SOLD
  16. American Ace Profile Collection - 64 profiles of American aces. Each page has a picture of the ace in wartime uniform and comes with a short bio. Each profile is also bodly signed by the ace and the profiles come in a large three ring black binder. Many top US aces from WWI ace George Vaughn to WWII ace Richard Turner.Very Impressive.........$995SOLD
  17. Richard Bong letter - Top American ace of all time with 40 victories in WWII. Tragically killed in 1945 in a P80. Simply put, one of the best items I've ever had in my collection. Envelope and card all handwritten by Bong and comes with provenance from the Vet I aquired it from SOLD
  18. George S. Patton Jr signed photo - SOLD
  19. Richard Ira Bong - Top American ace of all time with 40 victories in WWII. Tragically killed in 1945 in a P80. Original document from his military file signed by Bong as Major. Document is dated May 19, 1944. $3600 SOLD
  20. Richard Ira Bong- Top American ace of all time with 40 victories in WWII. Tragically killed in 1945 in a P80. Original envelope signed and addressed by Bong in his hand on Nov 2 1943 to his mother. Envelope is in a 8" by 22" frame mounted with two b/w photos of Bong. $2000 SOLD
  21. General Jimmy Doolittle - 8" by 10" color signed photo. $150 SOLD
  22. Kenneth Walsh - Medal of Honor society signed card. Walsh was a MOH winner with the USMC $75 SOLD
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