Erich Hartmann
signed JG52 "Evaluation" document
for Feldwebel Herbert Bachnick a 80 victory ace in JG52
Bachnich was KIA 7.8.44 by American Fighters and was a KC winner.
Hartmann at the time was Staffelfüher of 7./JG 52

9./Jagdeschwader 52      In the Field 9.12.43

Appraisal of Feldwebel

a) mental and physical ability:
mental fresh, bright and independent. Eloguent and literate. phyiscal small and
slim. Good stamina, a good sportsman and fully employable.

b) personality:
open, honest and high spirited. sometimes pert. Willing and determined. Tough,
self-confident and ambitiuos. Much liked from comrades.

c) Official capacity:
platoon leader

d) Specil knowledge:
LF (Luftfahrt = aviation) License (army)

e)Official skills and performance:
His overall skills and performace are very good. Good Unteroffizier acting with
assurance. Very good Jagdflieger (aviation fighter) with courage. Standed the
test in action. Complies in terms of personality, mental and physical ability as
well as in his public (military) skills and performance with the requirements of
a candidate for a commission.
Abschüsse: confirmed kills: 39     Front flies: 290        Honor goblet: 14.11.43
f) Leadership: Hartmann writes - "very good"

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