JG 54 Document set
Document set all to a Feldwebel Alfred Pfaffendorf and signed by Oakleaves winner
Major Dietrich Hrabak and KC winner General Helmuth Förster.

  1. Gunther Lutzow - file document of Gordon Gollob (Diamond winner)and signed by Lutzow (Swords winner) as Oberstleutnant u. Geschwaderkommodore Jagdgeschwader "Gen. Oberst Udet". $500 SOLD
  2. Erich Hartmann handwritten letter - 1987 handwritten letter in Hartmann's own hand to famed historical aviation author Edward Sims. $695
  3. JG 54 Document set - document set all to a Feldwebel Alfred Pfaffendorf and signed by Oakleaves winner Major Dietrich Hrabak and KC winner General Helmuth Förster. $495
Recently Sold Items
  1. Heinrich Himmler 12 piece SS letter grouping - a series of letters from the Der Reichsfürher-SS office in Berlin and all signed by Himmler in the late 1930's SOLD
  2. Günther Frhr.von Maltzahn - this JG53 document contains alot of hand written assesment by Maltzahn, a famous 68 victory Oakleave winning Luft ace, of Franz Schiess who himself was a 67 victory ace who was KIA in 1943 over the Mediterranean. He signs as Major und Geschwaderkommodore of JG53. $495 SOLD
  3. Theodor Eicke -Waffen SS General - This is a letter from a Hitler Youth collector signed and returned by Theodor Eicke in July of 1942. A signed photo was part of this letter but sorry to say was sold before I got there. It is a two sided letter signed "Best Wishes" (or close to that) Eicke. Theodor Eicke was General der Waffen SS and was awarded the Knights Cross with Oakleaves for his service on the Russian Front. He later died on the Russian Front in 1943. This is an exceptional example of an authentic Eicke autograph. The letter is also signed by the Hitler Youth collector. $995 SOLD
  4. Kurt Ubben - Top Luftwaffe Ace with 110 victories. KIA over France, JG2,JG77.  Knights Cross & Oakleaves winner. Signed photo with signed letter $695 SOLD
  5. Day Fighter Clasp in Bronze Award Document - Award doc to a Feldwebel Georg Füreder of 6./JG54. It is signed by Geschwaderkommodore Hans Phillip who was a Swords winner with 206 victories - $600 SOLD
  6. Day Fighter Clasp in Bronze Award Document - Award document for Jagdflieger Lt. Günther Plitschsigned by Oakleaves winner Georg Jakob who was Kommodore of Stuka Geschwader 77. Plitsch probably flew as a 'Begleitschutz' (fighter escort) rare document with a very hard to find signature - $495 SOLD
  7. Heinz Schmidt - double signed document. Schmidt was KIA 1943 and had 173 victories. This looks to be a proclimation ordered by Göring that all new recruits out of flight school were required to sign. Rare sig. $695 SOLD
  8. Karl-Friedrich "Tutti" Müller - Original wartime military drivers license. Tutti Müller was killed while landing in 1944. He was an Oaks winner who had 140 vics including 50 air victories in one month while in Russia. $695 SOLD
  9. Erich Hartmann - Wartime signed sports award for Staffel groundcrew member Paul Klaps signed by Leutnant Höllers and Erich Hartmann who at the time was Staffelführer 7./JG 52 and Deputy Gruppenkommandeur. $795 SOLD
  10. Heinrich Himmler Signed SS Document - It is a service contract for KC winner Hans Weiss  SOLD
  11. Egon Mayer - file document of Kurt Buhligen and signed by Mayer as Major und Geschwaderkommodore - Jagdgeschwader Richthofen. Both Mayer and Buhligen were famous Luftwaffe fighter aces. Rare to ever see a Mayer signature $700 SOLD
  12. Erich Hartmann - signed JG52 "Evaluation" document for Feldwebel Herbert Bachnick a 80 victory KIA 7.8.44 KC winning ace in JG52. Hartmann at the time was Staffelfüher of 7./JG 52 Incredible item! $1995 SOLD
  13. Luftwaffe Award Document group - 11 piece document group to Anton Riss of 2/Immelmann. Riss was under the direct command of Hans-Ulrich Rudel. A fantastic rare group of original war documents. $6500 SOLD
  14. Kurt Gröschke - 1939 Pilots Logbook & Jumping book 1937 - 1939 It doesn't get much better than this for Fallschirmjäger collectors. Truly a piece of history documenting one of Germany's best paratroopers. $3995 SOLD
  15. Friedrich Vollbract - fantastic example of a German wartime official document. Vollbract signs as Oberstleutnant und Kommandeur of Zerstorerschule 1. It is a judgement notice or an evaluation of Flgr. Dieter Schmidt. $275 SOLD
  16. Helmut Lent - Lent was a famous night fighter with 102  night victories (8 day vics) and  Kommodore of NJG. This document is proof of ancestry for the wife of Becker (Ludwig?) who was another top nightfighter KIA $695  SOLD
  17. Erich Leie - signed document as Oberleutnant and Adjutant of JG2 notifying an autograph collector that Captain Balthasar (Oak leave winning KIA ace) was KIA and would not be able to send a personally signed photo. Leie himself was KIA 3/7/45. He had 118 victories, 43 of which were in the west. $250 SOLD
  18. Bernard Vechtel Pilots license - Luftwaffe Ace with 108 victories - JG51 in Russia. His autograph is very rare. Group includes Original Wartime Pilots License, NSFK Logbook and his Shooting book. $1750 SOLD
  19. Heinz-Wolfgang Schnaufer - his original military last will and testament handwritten, signed and dated by Diamond winner Schnaufer along with two witnesses. Schnaufer was the highest ranking night fighter of WWII with 121 night victories. Museum quality item. $1300 SOLD
  20. Walter Nowotny - An official wartime document double signed by Nowotny as Oberleutnant u.Staffelkapitan. Nowotny was a Diamond winning Luftwaffe ace who acheived 255 victories. This document is an official JG54 document and is a file on Rudolf Rademacher who was a 126 victory ace. $1400 SOLD
  21. Adolf Galland - file document of Gunther Lutzow who was a KIA Swords winner with 108 victories. Signed Dec 7, 1943 by Galland as Generalmajor u. General der Jagdflieger. $600 SOLD
  22. Hermann Graf - file document of top scoring ace Alfred Grislawski. Signed by Diamonds winner Hermann Graf as Major u. Geschwaderkommodore JG50. $450 SOLD
  23. Ernst Udet - This is a three page document (questionnaire) filled out by WW I Ace (62 victories) and WW II Luftwaffe General Ernst Udet. I have a full translation and the subject matter is all WW I (aviation) related. $950 SOLD
  24. Ewald von Kleist - Generalfeldmarschall of the Army. Commanded the 1st Panzer group. He was the 60th recipient of the Swords award. He later died in a Russian prison camp. Document is dated 12. Febr. 1942 and recommends a soldier in the Panzerarmee for a War Merit Cross 2nd Class with Swords award (combat related). $600 SOLD
  25. Wolf-Dietrich Wilcke - One of the Luftwaffe's top aces with 162 victories. He was killed in aerial combat dogfighting Mustangs on 3/23/1944. This document is his initial application to the German Military. It is a single page double sided document hand signed by Wilcke in 1934 when he was applying to join the service. Simply a fantastic and rare item of a KIA Sword winning Luftwaffe ace...$1350 SOLD
  26. Eugen Meindel - KC winner Helmut Arpke 'Beurteilung' Document signed by Fallschirmjäger's Eugen Meindel (Swords winner) and Walter Koch KC winner along with an unidentified Oberleutnant $650 SOLD
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