Aleksandr Ivanovich Pokryshkin
Black and White Signed photo
Second highest Russian Ace of all time with 59 air victories
He died on November 13, 1985, and is buried in Moscow
Pokryshkin signatures are very rare

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7.5" by 4.75" B/W Signed Photo
see larger scan here

See a signed Pokryshkin note that we sold last year
Handwritten large note (12.25" x 8.5") by A. Pokryshkin addressed to the auditorium
of Moscow State University: This note was cut out of a guest book at Moscow State University.
The note reads:
My dear friends, I wish you success to inculcate yourself in culture of your future profession.
Yours, 3 times Hero of the Soviet Union
Pokryshkin (signature). December 25, 1972.

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