Miscellaneous Memorabilia

A.G. Sailor Malan
UNSIGNED Feb 9,1943 Official Photo
8" by 10"

Allied Signed Items
  1. A.G Sailor Malan - unsigned 1943 official photo! Britain's most famous ace - $595 SOLD
  2. Withold Urbanowicz - was the second best Polish fighter ace, with 17 confirmed wartime kills and 1 probable $195
  3. Pierre Clostermann - 3d highest scoring French ace 19 victories, hard to find photo - $295 SOLD
  4. Aleksandr Pokryshkin - second highest Russian Ace of all time with 59 air victories $995
  5. Arsenii V Vorozheikin - 9th highest scoring Russian ace with 46 victories  $495 SOLD
  6. Douglas Bader - 5 1/2" by 7 1/4" signed b/w newspaper photo of Douglas Bader.  $695
  7. Wing Commander John R. Baldwin - WWII Top Scoring Typhoon Ace. RARE double signed postmarked RAF Censored envelope addressed to fellow serviceman at RAF Biggin Hill January 5, 1945. Baldwin was KIA in Korea 1952 flying a F-86 Sabre Baldwin had 16 1/2 air victories.  He had a hell of a story and his autograph is in the "impossible" area! $995 SOLD
  8. Bob Stanford-Tuck- Top battle of Britain ace. 3.5" by 5.5" signed photo with Tuck's bio printed on reverse of photo . Photo was signed by Tuck at the North Weald Airfield, England May 30 1983. $295 SOLD
  9. Peter Turnbull - KIA Australian Ace with 12 victories. Rare postmarked envelope he sent from the Middleast to his mother. Signed and censored by Turnbull. Turnbull was KIA flying his Kitthawk on August 27, 1942. Turnbull shot down both German Me109's and Japanese Zeros! Super Rare signature. $695 SOLD
  10. Peter Townsend - Famous British WWII Ace. Signed letter dated June 29, 1971. Envelope postmarked from France. Nice pice mentioning his book Duel of Eagles - $250
  11. Johnnie Johnson - Top scoring British ace during WWII. Signed photo and letter dated June 30, 1971. Also included is the original postmakrked envelope. $275 SOLD
  12. Battle of Britain Book - This book contains 47 signatures of top Battle of Britain participants. The amazing thing about this hardbound booklet is that all the signatures are in fountain pen. I am doing research on it and as of this writing we have identified 43 of the 47 signatories. The booklet was published in 1941 and this particular book is a signed and numbered edition. My guess is late 40's or maybe even wartime! Any help would be appreciated on helping me ID the final four signatories and possibly what Royal Benevolent Fund event this booklet was signed at. $2195 SOLD
  13. Geoffrey Page -  8" by 10" signed b/w photo. Wing Commander with RAF 10 victories with 5 shared victories RAF$50 SOLD
  14. Douglas Bader signed letters - Three letters written between the famous aviation book author Edward Sims and Douglas Bader in the mid 1970's - prices start at $200
  15. RAF Fighter Pilot Profile Collection signed profiles of 27 RAF Fighter Pilots Produced by the Military Gallery in 1984 This edition sold out in the 1980's I only have this one album available $895 SOLD
  16. Guy Gibson Signed photo - fantastic rare vintage signed photo of the famous Dambuster leader - SOLD
  17. Douglas Bader - 9" by 7" signed vintage photo of legless ace Bader. Rare to see signed photo - SOLD
  18. Ivan Kozhedub - signed photo. Russia's #1 ace with 62+ victories. Rare to see a signed photo of him. $895 SOLD
  19. French Aces Signed Photo - 5" by 6" b/w photo signed by 4 Top WWII French Aces. Marcel Albert 22 vics, Roland de la Poype 17 vics, Pierre Clostermann 33 vics, Joseph Risso 12 vics. Really hard to find French aces and four Top aces signatures on one photo is super rare. $495 SOLD
  20. William Avery "Billy" Bishop - Canadian RAF World War I fighter ace. While serving in France in 1917, he shot down 72 enemy aircraft, incl. 25 in one 10-day period. Old sepia vintage 8" by 10" photo showing Bishop and Winston Churchill walking. WWII era government issued photo of Bishop who was an Air Marshal with the RCAF dated 11/7/41. Inscribed by Bishop 'To Lewis from W.A. Bishop Air Marshal R.C.A.F.' WWII era signed Bishop $525 SOLD
  21. Marcel Albert - Top WWII French Ace with 22 victories -  5" by 7" Great photo of Albert in full dress WWII uniform $395 SOLD
  22. Douglas Bader - 5" by 7" signed b/w photo of legless ace Bader. Rare to see signed photo $995 SOLD

Axis Signed Items
  1. Gerhard Barkhorn - #2 Luftwaffe Ace - Wartime Dated Signature -1944 Postmark $650 SOLD
  2. Gerhard Barkhorn - signed letter on Barkhorns personal letterhead with postmarked envelope stamped 8.4.1982. Letter is written to Edward Sims who is a very famous historian and book author. $495 SOLD
  3. Herbert Otto Gille - General der Waffen SS and Diamond winner. Private photo signed by Gille. $895 SOLD
  4. Japanese Aces Signed Photos
  5. Hermann Goring- signed photo of the famous Reichsmarschall on Hoffmann photo card. $995 SOLD
  6. Herman Goring - signed photo on period magazine stock - 7" by 9" approx - $895
  7. Bernard-Hermann Ramcke - General der Fallschirmtruppe, Luftwaffe - Diamonds winner. Wartime signed photo $595 SOLD
  8. Theodor Eicke - Waffen SS General  Rare signed & dated pencil sketch portrait  $1295 SOLD
  9. Albert Speer - Reich Minister for Armaments of the Third Reich - wartime signed photo - $895 SOLD
  10. Karl-Friedrich "Tutti" Müller - Original wartime military drivers license. Tutti Müller was killed while landing in 1944. He was an Oaks winner who had 140 vics including 50 air victories in one month while in Russia. $695 SOLD
  11. Heinz Guderian Willrich card - Boldly signed Willrich portrait card of the famous German Tank Commander known as "der schnelle Heinz" (the quick Heinz). This card is in fantastic condition for it's age. It is also feldpost (postmarked)14.11 42! Impressive $795 SOLD
  12. Bernard-Hermann Ramcke - General der Fallschirmtruppe, Luftwaffe - Diamonds winner. Wartime signed Adler photo $395 SOLD
  13. Hyazinth Graf Strachwitz photo - Famous diamond wining commander of thePanzer Regiment "Grossdeutschland". Wartime signed Hoffmann photo signed boldly. $395
  14. Erwin Rommel Willrich Photo - Color portrait photo of Rommel in uniform with hat and goggles. Signed on front and reverse. Signed in grease pencil which was standard for Rommel.  $900 SOLD
  15. Johannes Bunzek - Flight School Logbook war dated 11/1941 - 6/1942. Bunzek was a Knights Cross winner and  flew with the famous JG52. He was KIA and had 75 victories. $795 SOLD
  16. Gerardes Mooymann - SS Untersturmfuher, 1st non German (Dutch) to win the KC, $295 SOLD
  17. Albert Speer - Reich Minister for Armaments of the Third Reich - Signed letter dated 11.11.1972 with postmarked envelope. $225 SOLD
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