Heinz Schmidt signed document
Schmidt was KIA 1943 and had 173 victories
 This looks to be a proclimation ordered by Göring that all new recruits out of flight school
were required to sign. I am pretty sure this was a serious proclamation about the reduction of airplane-accidents after
something went wrong and provided some new learnings / insights how to avoid
this in the future. I think all students of the aviation school in these days or
at this time had to get this information and afterward had to sign this
proclamation, confirming he was introduced to the content of it.

double signed by Heinz Schmidt

Military Baton
Aviation school

Schmidt signes here
Rank, first name, sur name


On the 28.7.39, I have take notice of the proclamation R.d.L and Ob.d.L. Chief
of the training departement /L.In.5 No. 1478/39 written on 7.7.39 which included
an explanation.

I fully understood the meaning and the seriousity of the proclamation of
Generalfeldmarschall Göring and have been personality and in depth questioned,
instructed and admonished by my supriour.

Schmidt signs here

According to Sch. / Fl. Ausb.-Regt. 72 Br.B.Nr. 382/92 written on 26.7.1939
above proclamation has been filed and was repeated on a monthly base.
His commander signes here
Hauptman and military commander in lead.

above is a Schmidt signed photo I sold a few years ago

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