Unteroffizier Anton Riss of 2/Immelmann
Award Document Group

Anton Riss was KIA in Russia June 1, 1944
Anton Riss was a highly decorated Luftwaffe assault pilot/gunner
who served directly under Hans-Ulrich Rudel in 6 & 7/SG2 Immelmann
Gruppenkommandeure was
Hptm Hans-Ulrich Rudel, 18.10.43 - 31.7.44
This 11 piece grouping is historical in that one rarley finds
such a large group of documents named to one person.
$6500 - SOLD

  1. German Cross in Gold   Bottom of GCG showing signature
  2. Honor Goblet award document
  3. Frontfug Spange in Bronze     signed by Geschwaderkommodoren ObLt. Dr. Ernst Kupfer
  4. Frontflug Spange in Silver       signed by Geschwaderkommodoren ObLt. Hans-Karl Stepp
  5. Frontflug Spange in Gold        signed by Geschwaderkommodoren ObLt. Hans-Karl Stepp
  6. Frontflug Spange in Gold with Pendant  signed by Geschwaderkommodoren ObLt.-Hans Karl Stepp
  7. Iron Cross 2nd class
  8. Iron Cross 1st class
  9. Wireless Operator/ Air Gunner
  10. Death notice to sister
  11. 400 Feindflug Plaque     Hand painted 'field made' wooden plaque. Very rare to get something like this!
  12. Group comes with a hand written letter of provenance from the source
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