Aces of The Southwest Pacific
Signed by TEN aces including Tom Lanphier Jr.

Most of the books on the list are signed by aces, authors, and pilots from around the world.

  1. The Fighter Pilots by Edward Sims - 1967 1st edition with dust jacket - signed by Erich Hartmann, Adolf Galland, Johannes Steinhoff, Gunther Rall, Bob Stanford Tuck and the author Edward Sims. $950
  2. The Blond Knight Of Germany by Raymond Toliver - 1970 1s edition with dust jacket - signed by Erich Hartmann,  Peter Townsend, Raymond Toliver the author and four other non aces. Bob Hoover (famous acrobat pilot), Duane Cole (Cole Brothers Aerial Circus), Mira Slovak (flew transports during the Berlin Airlift from Czechoslovakia, Paul Poberezny (military pilot - started Experimental Aircraft Association I was told) $750
  3. Aces of The Southwest Pacific - by Gene Stafford - 1977 edition. Signed by TEN aces including Tom Lanphier Jr! $495
  4. Aces Of The Eighth - by Gene Stafford - 1973 edition 63pgs. Signed by FIVE aces including Hub Zemke, Robert S. Johnson. $295
  5. An American Life by Ronald Reagan - signed by Ronald Reagan and dated by Reagan Nov 4 1993 - Simon and Schuster 1990 1st Edition - wet signed in the book. This is not a bookplate! Very unique book as this once belonged to a boyhood friend of Reagan's! $2500
  6. Air Aces - Christopher Shores - Contains a wealth of info on the aces of modern warfare. Biographys on aces such as Lufberry, Gabreski, Bong to name a few. Over 250 photos of the aces and the planes they flew. GREAT BOOK signed by 26 aces including Kit Carson, Saburo Sakai, Hub Zemke, Tex Hill, Robin Olds, Urben Drew, Bob Barkey etc $1195
  7. Signed Die Ritterkreuztrager Der Luftwaffe 1939-1945 Book 1 German version. Signed by 4 top Luftwaffe Aces. Gunther Rall (275 vics), Hermann Greiner (46 night vics), Wolfgang Falck (Father of the Night Fighters), Viktor Petermann (64 vics). All signatures are next to their photos in the book. $295
  8. Stars & Bars - Frank Olynyk - Tribute to the American Fighter Ace 1920-1973. Best reference book ever on American aces. Over 1400 individual biographies and 350 photos. This book is a special signed edition #73/200. Signed by the author and 13 TOP US aces such as David McCampbell, Joe Foss, Charles MacDonald $650
  9. A Flying Tigers Diary - Charles R. Bond Jr. - Softback edition this classic story of Charles Bond, one of the most famous Tigers. This book is signed by 30 Tigers including Bond, Hill, Rossi, etc. $350 SOLD
  10. The Pictorial History Of The Flying Tigers - by Larry M. Pistole - This hard to find first edition is “THE” book to have if your are a Flying Tiger collector. This one of a kind book is signed by 38 Tigers including Jim Howard, Tex Hill, etc. $595 SOLD
  11. Fighter Tactics and Air Strategy 1914-1970- by Edward Sims 1972 1st edition, 266pgs. The author traces the development of the tactics and strategy used by the world's most famous aces. This rare and hard to find book is signed by 10 US aces and 3 Germans including Rall - $495
  12. The German Air Force Versus Russia, 1943 - by Generalleutnant Hermann Plocher. Arno Press 1968 edition 368 pages. Outstanding descriptions of operations during the Russian campaign. Signed by Russian Aces Arseny Vorozheikin and Konstantin Treshyov along with Johannes "Macky" Steinhoff and Kurt Schulze of JG5 - $375
  13. Little America by Richard E Byrd Rear Admiral USN - Admiral Richard E. Byrd's 1930 hardcover edition of "Little America," 422 pages, Putnam Publishing Company, with many photos & illustrations of Byrd's Antarctic expedition. Signed in fountain pen "R.E. Byrd" under a dedication inscription to his mother. $450
  14. For Valour, The Air VC's - Chaz Bowyer - This is THE reference book on aviators who won the Victoria Cross. Mini bios on each winner. Signed by the author Bowyer and VC winner Rod Learoyd (deceased) $250
  15. The German Fighter Units Over Germany - Werner Held - Pictorial history of the pilots and their aircraft. Signed by five Luftwaffee pilots including Schuck and Dickfeld who all flew over Russia $295
  16. Messerschmitt Aces - Walter Musciano - Rare hardback first edition. Traces the history of the Luftwaffe `fighter arm'. Signed by Luftwaffe aces Schuck, Spate, Dickfeld, and Ernst Scheufele. $295
  17. Fighter General the Life of Adolf Galland - Toliver/Constable - The best book aver written on the famous flying General Adolf Galland. Signed by the author Ray Toliver, Trevor Constable and Adolf Galland on bookplate $250
  18. Aces High - Christopher Shores and Clive Williams - Great reference book on the fighter aces of the British Commonwealth Air Forces in WW11. 665 pages - Tribute to the most notable fighter pilots of the British and Commonwealth forces in WW11. Rare unsigned 1st 1966 edition. $200
  19. Flight Of The Avenger - George Bush At War - Joe Hyams- - The dramatic tale of President Bush's days as a bomber pilot on the front lines of combat. Signed by Leo Nadeau, Bush's gunner on his Avenger! $150
  20. Aces Of The Reich - Gordon Williamson - 1989 - An outstanding collection of more than 100 mini-biographies of German war heroes. Signed by Galland, Johnnie Johnson, Hans Scharff, Gunther Rall $275
  21. Hitler's Luftwaffe - Tony Wood/Bill Gunston - 1978 London - A pictorial history and encyclopedia of Hitler's air power in World War 11. Great reference on Luftwaffe aircraft. Profiles, specs, etc. $50
  22. Roosevelt and Churchill 1939-1941 - Joseph Lash - 1976 - The partnership that saved the west. Interesting account of the unique partnership between these two historical giants. $25
  23. Blitzkrieg 1940 - Ward Rutherford - 1979 - The story of this brilliant campaign from May 10,1940 to June 20. 1040 is told by one of Britains best authors. Text and lots of pictures on the war front. $40
  24. The Memphis Belle, Home At Last - Menno Duerksen - 1987 - The story of the most famous plane of Wprld War 11. Second edition hardback. Good reading with photos. $25
  25. The Rise Of The Luftwaffe 1918-1940 - Herbert Molloy Mason Jr. - This book details the ingenuity used to create the new Luftwaffe. A wartime photo of Herbert Ihlefeld is included. 1973 $75
  26. Rommel - The biography of Field Marshal Erwin Rommel - Ward Rutherford - 1986 - Excellent account of Rommels wartime experiences. Many color photos. $40
  27. Fighter Aces Of The USA - Toliver/Constable 1979 1st - This book in my opinion is the best all around book ever written on US aces. Lots of photos. Toliver books are very collectable First Edition. Signed by seven aces $195
  28. Air War - Pacific - Christy Campbell - The story of the fight for supremacy in the far east 1937-1945. Large format book with lots of photos. Beautiful color profiles of planes used in the theatre. $30
  29. Blood And Honor - Craig Luther - The story of the 12th SS Panzer Division "Hitler Youth" 1943-1945. This book is a 1st edition from Roger Bender Publication. RARE hard to find 1987 copy $150
  30. On The Field Of Honor - John Angolia - History Of The Knights Cross Bearers.This is a two volume set published by Bender Publications in 1979 & 1980. Book has individual bio's on most Oakleaf and Sword winners of the Reich. This two set volume is the most desired of all Bender books and are rare and hard to find. $500
  31. Rommel - Richard Law/Craig Luther - A narrative and pictorial history of Germany's most famous General. Another Bender publication. OP and sold out everywhere!! Limited edition #330/500. Signed by authors. $195
  32. D-Day - Operation Overlord - Large pictorial covering the landing at Normandy to the liberation of Paris. Comes with a photo copy insert of newspaper dated June 6, 1944! $35
  33. War Planes - Fighters - William Green 1960 - Small (4"*4") book on plane identification. NEAT! $20
  34. Flight Of The Avenger - George Bush At War - Joe Hyams- - The dramatic tale of President Bush's days as a bomber pilot on the front lines of combat. Signed by Leo Nadeau, Bush's gunner on his Avenger! $150
  35. The Battle Of Britain - Richard Hough/Denis Richards - 1990 Softcover edition - Large 415 pages. Neat reference book on the greatest air battle of World War 11. Very readable book. $40
  36. The Rise And Fall Of The Third Reich - William L. Shirer - The complete history of Hitler's Nazi Germany. Best book ever written on the subject. Great condition. $25
  37. Aces High - Christopher Shores/Clive Williams - 665 pages - Tribute to the most notable fighter pilots of the British and Commonwealth forces in WW11. Special U.K. limited edition #16/150. This book was purchased in England and is the best reference book on the subject! Signed by both authors and 12 Top RAF airmen $425 SOLD
  38. The Life Of Chesty Puller  signed by L.B.Puller (very rare) Hero of World War II and Korea. The most decorated Marine in Corps history. 1962 1st edition - 403 pages. The book is in fine condition with D/J. Puller signed the book with his full signature which is very rare! $895 SOLD
  39. The Blonde Knight Of Germany - Toliver/Constable - RARE 1970 1st edition - Fascinating biography of the most successful ace in aerial history, Erich Hartmann (352 victories). Jager Blatt (German Luftwaffe magazine) special tribute edition of Hartmann included. $225 SOLD
  40. Thanks For The Memory by Laddie Lucas - Unforgettable Characters in Air Warfare 1939 - 45 - 1989 1st edition - 449 pages. Fine condition with dust jacket - signed by 20 WWII heroes including Lucas, Townsend, Galland, Rall, Dundas, Johnnie Johnson, Page, Falck and more. $795 SOLD
  41. Fighter Tactics and Air Strategy 1914-1970 - by Edward Sims 1972 1st edition, 266pgs. The author traces the development of the tactics and strategy used by the world's most famous aces. This rare and hard to find book is signed by Adolf Galland (dated 1986), Gunther Rall and the author Edward Sims - $295 SOLD
  42. Sole Survivor by George Gay- signed by WWII USN Battle of Midway Fighter Pilot George Gay. Gay flew in the doomed Torpedo Squadron 8 off the USS Hornet during the Battle of Midway. Shot down during the battle, he became the sole survivor of the squadron. $295 SOLD
  43. Honest John by Walker "Bud" Mahurin - 1962 rare 1st edition signed by Mahurin. Just about an impossible book to find written by one of our nations best ever fighter pilots with 24+ air victories. The only ace with German, Japanese and Korean air victories. Book collectors know how rare this book is. Book is near mint condition. Published in 1962 by G.P. Putnam.313 PAGES. $895 SOLD
  44. The American Fighter Aces Album, 1978 1st edition - Another similar book that belonged to the famous signature collector John Shaw. This book was a labor of love for him. He traveled all over the country aquiring the 81 aces signatures in this book. Many of the top aces signed this book such as Ken Walsh (21 vics), John Thornell (17 vics), James Swett (15 vics) etc. $1195 SOLD
  45. Mit Schwertern und Brillanten - by Gunther Fraschka - Published 1959 - 240 pages. Biographies of Germanys WWII Diamond winners. Each Diamond Winner has a full page portrait photo as well as approx a 10 page biography. Signed by Rommel, Molders, Gollob, Hartmann, Galland, Ramcke, Dietrich, Kesselring, Model, Schnaufer, Lent and Rudel - $2500 SOLD
  46. P-38 Lightning - by Jesse Alexander - The story of the restoration of the famous P38 ‘Joltin Losie’. Rare historical photos, over 200, and personal remembrances of combat pilots who flew the P38. Signed by 38 persons associated with the P38 includ g over 28 WW II pilots (15 plus aces), Dick Bongs brother and sister, and members who worked on the restoration. $395 SOLD
  47. The Amazing Mr. Doolittle - 1953 Biography of Jimmy Doolittle signed "J.H. Doolittle" with sentiment. Great 1950's era Doolittle signature. Most Doolittle signatures found are 1990's+ - $695 SOLD
  48. Erich Hartmann by Gunther Fraschka - Der Landser Ritterkreuztrager - German Text paperback, 95pgs, produced in the mid 1950's. Signed by Hartmann on the cover - $195 SOLD
  49. Rickenbacker an Autobiography - Eddie Rickenbacker - The story of Americas # 1 ace of World War One.1967 edition with 468 pages. Book signed boldly by Rickenbacker and dated 1967. $295 SOLD
  50. Talisman A Collection Of Nose Art - by John Campbell - This large first class book is a collector piece in itself. Pages of color photos showing nose art of WW II. Now here’s the good part, this book is signed by 77 WW II pilots of which 72 are aces!! Autographs such as Yeager, French etc. Also signed by the authors! This is a find!! $950 SOLD
  51. War Paint, Fighter Nose Art From WW II & Korea - by John and Donna Campbell - Another large first class book by these top nose art historians. Just a beautiful book. If you liked Talisman by Campbell then this one will floor you. This one of a kind edition signed by 140+ Fighter pilots of which 80 + are aces! All the biggies are here even Jap ace Sakai. $1250 SOLD
  52. Men Of The Battle Of Britain by Kenneth Wynn - Special signature edition specially bound in suede that comes with slip case. Signed by the author and 26 BOB pilots. This book is numbered # 4/50. Only 50 of these were ever made! Contains profiles and pictures of most of the pilots that participated in the BOB. The supplement that was added about a year later is part of this bound book. Very Impressive. $1250 SOLD
  53. Merrill's Marauders - signed by General Frank Merrill. Merrill the famous leader of this unit died in 1955 and had a very stellar military career. This booklet is an account of operations of the 5307th Composite Unit in North Burma from February to May 1944. Very hard to find signature. $895 SOLD
  54. The Last Year of the Luftwaffe May 1944 to May 1945 -  by Alfred Price. 1991 191pgs. Describes in detail the offensive and defensive operations during this time. Signed by Oscar Boesch, Walter Schuck, Adolf Galland, Otto Stammberger (JG26 7 vics), Hans Scharff (interrogator), Ernst Scheufele (JG4, 18 vics), Kurt Schulze (JG5), Hans Busch (Me262 pilot) $375 SOLD
  55. Fight For The Sky by Douglas Bader - The story of the Hurrican and Spitfire signed by Douglas Bader. 1973 1st edition, 191 pages. $295 SOLD
  56. Baa Baa Black Sheep - Gregory ‘Pappy’ Boyington - 1958 edition of this classic about the Marines most famous WW ll air ace Pappy Boyington. Signed by Col Greg "Pappy" Boyington in 1959 in ball point pen. Rare to see a Boyington not signed in black felt sharpie. 384 pages $395 SOLD
  57. A Soldier's Story  Omar Bradley - 1951 1st edition, 618pgs, no DJ but in VG condition. Inscribed by Omar Bradley  $495 SOLD
  58. The Life Of Chesty Puller  signed by L.B.Puller (very rare) Hero of World War II and Korea. The most decorated Marine in Corps history. 1962 1st edition - 403 pages. The book is in fine condition with vg D/J $895 SOLD
  59. Die Ritterkreuztrager Der Luftwaffe 1939-1945 Book 1&2 - Obermaier -With out a doubt the BEST reference books on Luftwaffe aces. This two volume English/German text has a short bio and picture of each pilot. Book 1 was published in 1966 and book2 in1976. Signed by 17 Luftwaffe personalities. Galland, Steinhoff etc $1950 SOLD
  60. Die Ritterkreuztrager Der Luftwaffe 1939-1945 Book 1 - Ernst Obermaier -With out a doubt the BEST reference books on Luftwaffe aces. This English/German text has a short bio and picture of each pilot. Published in 1966 and . Signed by 10 Luftwaffe aces including Barkhorn, Hartmann, Rall, Krupinski and Galland.  $2500 SOLD
  61. General Wainwright Story - RARE signed 1946 1st edition with dustjacket 314pgs. JONATHAN MAYHEW WAINWRIGHT (1883-1953) One of the greatest heroes of the Second World War $650 SOLD
  62. The 56th Fighter Group in World War II - Washington Press - 222pgs, rare edition of the 56th FG Unit History, Signed by 56 FG pilots Hub Zemke, Michael Jackson, Robert S Johnson, Harold Comstock, John McClure, Bud Mahurin, and Gabby Gabreski. Incredible signatures - $750 SOLD
  63. 'Mein Fliegerleben' signed by Ernst Udet - signed 1935 1st edition 185pgs, German Text - Autobiography on the fascinatiing life of German aviator through 2 wars, Ernst Udet - $995 SOLD
  64. Greg 'Pappy' Boyington - Signed 1958 edition of Baa Baa Black Sheep along with an old 1959 vintage 8" by 10" b/w photo also signed by Boyington. Both items signed to the same individual. One of the best Boyington items I have ever seen! $1195 SOLD
  65. Paul Hauser - Soldaten Wie Andere Auch - The Way Of The Waffen SS - 1966 1st edition, German text, 371pgs w/DJ. Signed by Swords winner SS General Paul Hauser. His autograph is extremely rare and desired by collectors. Signed with sentiment to another SS General - $695 SOLD
  66. Erich Hartmann - The Life Story Of The World's Highest Scoring Ace - Schiffer 1992, 296 pgs. Comes with bookplate signed by Hartmann. Book is a special signed and numbered edition 346/500 - $295 SOLD
  67. Time And Chance - by Peter Townsend - Top British RAF Ace Peter Townsend's autobiography. 1978 1st edition, 317 pages . Book is mint with dustjacket. - $395 SOLD
  68. Iron Eagle-The Turbulent Life Of General Curtis LeMay - Thomas M. Coffey - Famous WWII US Air Force General. Book is in great shape without dustjacket. 474 pgs, published 1986. $395 SOLD
  69. Fox Two, Story of First Vietnam Ace Randy Cunningham - Jeff Ethell - 1984 - Softcover book on the Vietnam air war as told by "Duke" Cunningham - Signed by Cunningham $75 SOLD
  70. Tale Of A Guinea Pig - The exploits of World War 11 fighter pilot Geoffrey Page. Great reading from a pilots point of view. Discusses BOB along with his hospital stay. Signed by Page. $95 SOLD
  71. Guy Gibson VC Intro by Arthur "Bomber" Harris - 1946 1st editon, Wing Commander Guy Gibson VC, DSO, DFC - Enemy Coast Ahead. 301 pgs, fine condition, no DJ. Signed in fountain pen by Arthur Bomber Harris probably at a book signing in 1946. $550 SOLD
  72. Seven Came Through by Capt. Eddie Rickenbacker - 1943 1st edition. VG condition with DJ, 118pgs. Rickenbackers harrowing 21 day ordeal floating in the Pacific. This is a very rare signed Capt Eddie Rickenbacker dated 1943! $395 SOLD
  73. 1000 Destroyed, The Life and Times of the 4th Fighter Group - Grover Hall Jr. - 1978 Aero - Firsthand account of the 4th FG in WW 11. Rare, comes with photo of 4th FG cross at Cambridge Cemetery. $110 SOLD
  74. Duel Under The Stars - Wilhelm Johnen - Story of a German night fighter pilot in WW11. Special signed edition in slip case. Signed photos(in book) of 16 RAF Mosquito and Luftwaffe Night Fighter pilots. $175 SOLD
  75. Flying Start A Fighter Pilots War Years - Hugh Dundas - Bio about the wartime experiences of Group Captain Dundas. Signed by Don Kingaby,  Lopez, Page, Goodson, Townsend, Dundas $295 SOLD
  76. JG26 Top Guns Of The Luftwaffe - Caldwell - The history of the famous fighter unit `Abbeville Kids'. This is book number 28/200 of a special signed edition. Signed by the author, Galland and 3 other JG26 aces $250 SOLD
  77. The Battle Of Britain - Richard Townsend Bickers - The greatest battle in the history of air warfare is detailed in this book. Pictures, maps, aircraft, aces etc. Great book. Signed by Johnnie Johnson $95 SOLD
  78. Doolittle - A Biography - signed by Jimmy Doolittle and Bill Downs. By Lowell Thomas & Edward Jablonski. Published by Doubleday, 1976, very good condition hardback with a very good dust jacket gently read clean pages. Hard Cover. First edition The book is beautifully inscribed by J.H. Doolittle and WWII CBS War correspondent Bill Downs on the title page. $975 SOLD
  79. Air Combat Paintings of Robert Taylor Volume 1 - Book detailing the Aviation artwork of this English aviation artist. Signed by Taylor, Johnnie Johnson, Adolf Galland, Saburo Sakai, Joe Foss, Don Lopez, Goodson $475 SOLD
  80. Air Combat Paintings of Robert Taylor Volume 11 - Book detailing more Aviation artwork of Robert Taylor. Signed by Taylor, Jim Goodson, Geoffrey Page and 3 B-17 pilots including William Lawley MOH winner $295 SOLD
  1. Above The Trenches, Above The Lines, Over The Front - Grubb Street publications, London. This three volume set is a complete record of the fighter aces and units of the British empire air forces, United States and French air forces, and all German forces. There are no better reference books on air aces of the Great War than these. Each book is full of individual bio's of each countries aces. Photos, lists. 1990 1st editions $295
  2. Pour le Me`rite and Germany's First Aces - Ltc John Angolia/Clint Hackney Jr. Bender publications 1984 1st edition. Great reference book on the Germany's PLM winners. Bio's, photos. Signed and numbered by Angolia in the book. $125
  3. Billy Bishop - The Man And The Aircraft He Flew - David Baker - softcover 1990 London edition Outline Press.128 pages, photos. Really a neat book on Bishop. $50
  4. The People's War Book and Atlas, Signature Edition- Published in 1920 this book is a complete history of the Great War. Signed by Billy Bishop (in 1920) under his photo next to title page. Very Desirable and Impressive! $295
  5. King Of Air Fighters - Ira Jones - Yet another account of the top RAF ace of WW 1 as told by another ace of the time Ira ‘Taffy’ Jones. Jones ranks 6th and had 41 victories in WW 1. Photos, text. 1989 Greenhill. $110
  6. The Lafayette Escadrille - Herbert Molloy Mason Jr. - This exciting book presents the full, authoritative story of the first Americans to fly and fight in the Great War. 1964, 340 pgs, photos, text. $115 SOLD
  7. America’s First Eagles - Lt. Lucien H. Thayer - The official history of the United States Air Service, A.E.F. 1917-1918. Bender publications 1983 edition. Lists, photos, great reference book. $80
  1. The Rise And Fall Of The Luftwaffe - The Life of Field Marshal Erhard Milch - David Irving - 1973 - Story of Erhard Milch who was a WW 1 flight commander and latter became one of the main forces behind the build up of the Luftwaffe. His story from WW 1 to the Nuremberg trials. $40
  2. Illustrated World War 11 Encyclopedia, Vol 1 and 2 - Good overview of the war. Lots of color photos, color airplane profiles, text, illustrations. $25
  3. Collecting The Edged Weapons Of The Third Reich, Vol 1 - LTC Thomas Johnson - Excellent guide to collecting daggers, swords etc on WW 11 Germany. Photos, great reference, a must for collectors. $45
  4. The Daggers And Edged Weapons Of Hitler’s Germany - LTC Lames P. Atwood - 1970 - Simply the best book on the subject. This is a RARE and collector book. Lots of illustrations and photos. RARE BOOK $175
  5. Lugars At Random - Charles Kenyon Jr. - Great reference book for any German Lugar collector. 1969, 418 pages with photos, text etc. of Lugars of this century. $45 SOLD
  6. Third Reich Lugars and Their Accessories - Jan Still - The pistols of Germany and her allies in World War 11. The BEST lugar book and a must for any Lugar owner. Photos of most all Lugars. $195 SOLD
  7. Imperial Lugars and Their Accessories - Jan Still - same as above except WW 1 Lugars $195 SOLD
  1. The Greatest Aces - Study of aces of all countries in WW 11 - Edwards Sims $20
  2. Lancaster Bomber - D.B. Tubbs - Ballantine Illustrated Books $10
  3. The Conspirators 20th July 1944 - Roger Manvell - Ballantine Books $25
  4. Luftwaffe - Alfred Price - Most desired of all Ballantine Books $45
  5. Nuremberg Trials - Leo Kahn - Ballantine Books $25
  6. Hitler - Alan Wykes - Ballantine Books $25
  7. The Seige Of Leningrad - Alan Wykes - Ballantine Books $25
  8. Stalingrad, The Turning Point - Geoffrey Jukes - Ballantine Books $25

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